10 Tips for Running in the Morning

1. Develop a morning routine

It's important to establish a schedule so that you are aware of your particular responsibilities when you awaken. As you are starting off, you can even jot down your routine. 

2. Hold yourself accountable

How are you going to ensure that your plan is followed? First of all, having a plan is beneficial. You can plan your runs if you utilize a training tool or an app like VDOT. 

3. Start becoming a morning runner in the summer

Summertime, in my opinion, is the best season to start early runs. You almost get the impression that it's later than it actually is since the light comes out so early. 

4. Reward yourself for getting started

Particularly initially, positive reinforcement might be quite beneficial! After your first morning run, treat yourself to a delicious coffee or breakfast. After a week of early workouts, find something new to endure. 

5. Make sure you know how to stay safe

Feeling prepared could make you feel better about running first thing in the morning. Remain aware of your whereabouts and expected return time at all times, and heed these running in the dark suggestions. 

6. Run with a friend or running group

It's common for runners to prefer running in groups, particularly early in the day. You're more likely to get out of bed in the morning knowing that your running partner is waiting for you if they agree to meet you for a run.

7. Shift your sleep schedule

You should adjust your sleep routine when you go from running in the morning to running in the evening. You should aim to go to bed an hour sooner if you are rising an hour earlier. 

8. Start with one morning run a week

Start with just one morning run per week if you are having a lot of trouble getting into the habit. When I initially graduated from college and started working a full-time job.

9. Give yourself plenty of time for your morning run

Being late or feeling pressured at work is the last thing you want. Make sure to set your alarm clock earlier than necessary if you know you will snooze it. Allow 10 minutes extra, just in case, and factor in the time it will take you to get ready. 

10. Make it a habit and stay consistent

Being consistent is essential to becoming a morning runner. It will be simpler to maintain if you turn it into a habit. That is not to claim that everyone can become an early runner.