10 Unique Types of Roses You Are Curious to Explore

Black Baccara Rose: The Black Baccara rose is known for its deep, velvety black-red blooms, making it a striking and dramatic addition to any garden.

Blue Moon Rose: The Blue Moon rose produces large, fragrant blooms in shades of lavender-blue, creating a unique and eye-catching display in the garden.

Rainbow Sorbet Rose: The Rainbow Sorbet rose features multicolored blooms with shades of pink, yellow, and orange, resembling a vibrant rainbow in the garden.

Champagne Wishes Rose: The Champagne Wishes rose produces delicate, pale champagne-colored blooms with hints of pink, creating an elegant and romantic display in the garden.

Chocolate Cosmos Rose: The Chocolate Cosmos rose features deep brown-red blooms with a rich chocolate scent, adding a unique and enticing fragrance to the garden.

Green Rose: Green roses, also known as "Jade" or "Viridiflora" roses, produce blooms with shades of green, creating a distinctive and unusual look in the garden.

Osiria Rose: The Osiria rose features striking red and white bicolor blooms with a unique ombre effect, making it a standout variety in any garden.

Scentimental Rose: The Scentimental rose produces vibrant red and white striped blooms with a strong, sweet fragrance, adding both color and fragrance to the garden.

Tie-Dye Rose: Tie-Dye roses feature blooms with vibrant, multicolored petals reminiscent of tie-dye patterns, creating a fun and playful addition to the garden.

Blueberry Hill Rose: The Blueberry Hill rose produces clusters of lavender-blue blooms with a sweet fragrance, evoking the beauty of a blueberry patch in full bloom.