7 Best Countries for Americans Tourists to Visit

The Portuguese Republic, with a $432 billion GDP, is a wealthy nation in southwest Europe. It was among the first nations in history to colonize other countries, and over centuries, its unique architecture and artwork have developed.

Portuguese Republic

A European island nation bordering the United Kingdom is called the Republic of Ireland. With a GDP per capita of $124,596, it is among the richest nations in the world.

Republic of Ireland

Since the United States government forbids explicit tourism, traveling from the United States to Cuba might be challenging. A travel card can be obtained, nevertheless,

Republic of Cuba

At $4.2 billion, Belize's economy is among the world's smallest, and it is located in Central America. It has a great diversity of plant and animal species, making it one of the biologically most varied locations on the planet.


Greece, also referred to as the Hellenic Republic, is a nation in Europe. Greece boasts one of the world's longest coastlines, thousands of islands, and ancient sites dating back to the dawn of human history.

Hellenic Republic

Italy, often known as the Italian Republic, is a wealthy nation in Europe and a significant player in world affairs. It boasts some of the most amazing historical buildings and museums

Italian Republic

France, also referred to as the French Republic, is another center of European cuisine and art. Paris, the country's capital, welcomes thousands of visitors each thanks to a vibrant cultural environment.

French Republic