7 best tips to build an exercise habit

1. 11-minutes of brisk walking makes a big difference

When we first begin exercising, we see the greatest results. A large study involving 30 million people found that walking for at least 11 minutes a day could reduce your chance of dying young by about 25%.

2. Morning exercise may be better for burning fat

Exercise before noon may be beneficial if you'd like to gradually reduce your body's fat stores and burn a little bit more fat with each session.

3. Outdoor workouts improve the benefits of exercise

It might be easy to increase the benefits of exercising outside, not just for mental health but also for physical health, happiness, motivation, and fitness.

4. Walking four days a week can boost brain health

Exercise is a great way to improve the health of your brain at any age. Walking simply four days a week for four months improved the scores of participants in a study of seventy and eighty-year-olds on cognitive tests.

5. For many, just 6,000 steps is the sweet spot

A daily walk of 10,000 steps has nothing miraculous or empirically supported about it. So go ahead and abandon that objective. According to a study including more than 47,000 people,.

6. Less strenuous exercise can burn more fat

More often than not, the secret to determining your fat-burning zone is to workout far more gently than we may think. The intensity of your workout will mostly determine whether you burn fat or carbs when exercising.

7. You get more out of exercise when you track it

When we start to conceive of ourselves as energetic people, we may feel more physically active. Tracking our steps might help us discover how much we actually move. In one study, exercisers kept track of their steps.