7 Easy Summer Hairstyles for When It s Too Hot to Deal

Pigtail Braids

To shield yourself from the sun quickly, wear a bucket hat with any hairstyle. Try it with red lipstick and braided pigtails for a cool look right away.

Beach Waves 

Beachy waves have been popular for a while, but now there are cool tricks on TikTok to get that wavy look without using heat. Hairstylist Justine Marjan suggests sleeping with braids in your hair or wrapping it around a scarf, socks, or tights.

Sleek Knot 

Put your hair up in a neat bun low at the back of your head to make your fancy earrings stand out.

Pineappled Curls

In summer, it's tough to use a flatiron on your hair. But don't worry, says hairstylist Naeemah LaFond. She suggests embracing your natural hair texture. One cool style she likes for summer is the pineapple updo.


Prom tendrils are coming back in style. To give them a modern twist, keep them a bit messy instead of perfectly neat. Forget about using hairspray and aiming for perfect curls. Instead, add some texture to make it a more fashionable option

Knotless Box Braids 

Knotless braids are like what your hair looks like when you braid it naturally, without adding any extra hair, explains a hair expert. They start right from your scalp and go all the way to the tips smoothly.

Claw Clip

During quarantine, claw clips became super popular for hair. And guess what? They're still in style! You can copy Bella Hadid's look by using a butterfly-shaped clip to hold your neat bun in place.