7 Facts About German Shepherd

German Shepherds Are One of The Smartest Dog Breeds

Smart canines are ubiquitous, but German Shepherds are among the smartest. More than 200 American Kennel Club judges ranked 100 dog breeds on intellect, placing the German shepherd third.

World War I Made Shepherds Famous

World Way I taught us a lot, including that horse cavalry was mostly obsolete on the battlefield, but it also made the German shepherd renowned among the allies.

German Shepherds Aren't Dangerous Dogs

For years, German Shepherds have been considered dangerous, violent canines. These false assertions have been repeatedly rejected by organizations like the American Veterinary Medical Association.

The First Modern German Shepherds

Prior to standardizing the breed, Max von Stephanitz sought to breed perfect dogs. The first dog in this experiment was Horand. The second generation was carefully raised, producing Beowulf

German Shepherds Remain Hugely Popular in America

If you've seen a German Shepherd puppy, you undoubtedly wanted to take it home. Friendly, loyal, clever dogs will remain popular. German shepherds are the second most common breed in America.

German Shepherds Have Stars on The Walk of Fame

Rin Tin Tin, one of the most renowned German shepherds onscreen, is also famous. No shepherd has topped these two since then, even if other wonderful dogs have starred.

Batman Had a German Shepherd

Ace's popularity peaked between 1954 and 1964, when silver era cliches like superheroes who carry their dogs on adventures were considered cute.