7 Homemade Hair Masks: Nourishing Treatments for Healthy Hair

Repair and Shine with Coconut Oil & Honey

This mask combines the hydrating properties of coconut oil with the restorative benefits of honey. Perfect for dry or damaged hair, it leaves your locks feeling soft and shiny.

Boost Growth with Coconut Oil & Cinnamon

Stimulate your scalp and promote hair growth with this invigorating mask. The warming cinnamon awakens the follicles, while coconut oil nourishes the strands.

Tame Oily Hair with Egg & Lemon

Combat greasy hair with this clarifying mask. Egg whites help absorb excess oil, while lemon juice balances the scalp's pH levels.

Replenish Dry Hair with Brown Sugar & Olive Oil

This gentle exfoliating mask removes dry flakes and adds moisture. Brown sugar buffs away dead skin cells, while olive oil deeply conditions the hair.

Fight Frizz with Banana, Yogurt & Honey

This rich and creamy mask is a godsend for frizzy hair. Bananas and yogurt provide intense hydration, while honey smoothens and tames flyaways.

Deeply Nourish Damaged Hair with Coconut Oil

This luxurious mask is packed with nutrients to revive severely damaged hair. Avocado offers deep conditioning, while coconut oil and honey work together to strengthen and repair.

Add Shine with Coconut Oil, Strawberry & Honey

This fruity mask adds a touch of luxury to your hair care routine. Strawberries gently cleanse the scalp, while coconut oil and honey leave your hair with a healthy shine.