7 Spring Denim Trends to Liven Up Your Wardrobe

Light Layers

Staying light and airy with your wardrobe is usually a good choice because spring weather can be erratic.

The Long and Short of It

Wearing a cropped jacket and long denim skirt together is a stylish way to lengthen your body and subtly add some refinement.

Dress Code

Seek inspiration from vintage school uniforms and try wearing your pleated skirt.

Block It Out

It's definitely cool to choose an entire ensemble that is color-blocked in denim. Overlaying a midi skirt over jeans is an unorthodox yet effective fashion move.

A Romantic Touch

Date night denim doesn't have to be dull. Wearing a corset top and undone button-downs instantly transports the blue tones into a dreamy, romantic realm.

Patch It Up

Replace your worn-out, basic denim jacket with one that has more flair. Each ensemble is given a joyful boost of personality and visual depth by the vibrant brooches and amusing patches displayed here.

Pretty Tough

Wearing a lot of large denim items is a remarkable method to project a rugged exterior.