7 Stunning Rock Landscaping Ideas To Revamp Your Front Yard

Budget-Friendly Gravel

Gravel is one of the most budget-friendly landscaping materials. Not only does it add texture to a minimalist home exterior but it adds a color on contrast with the plants and trees.

Smooth Pebble Garden Border

Smooth pebble garden borders are prettier than brick or plastic. Additionally, relocating pebbles makes it easy to change the size and layout

Stunning Large Boulders

Large stones and boulders can add height and dimension to a front yard, not to mention they're more low-maintenance than planting annuals and perennials

A Desert Front Garden

A mix of landscaping pebbles may make your landscape stand out, as seen in this front yard. The desert garden's huge stones and gravel complement succulents

Rocks Instead of Mulch

At first glance, you may think the landscaping rocks in the plant beds of this front yard are only for visual appeal. But, these rocks are functional as well.

Landscaping Rocks for Sloped Yards

A sloped front yard is a great opportunity to create a stunning garden. This sloped yard features boulders to help level the garden while also adding a one-of-a-kind design feature.

A Small Sitting Area

If your front porch is too tiny, you may still add a spot to rest. This residence has landscaping pebbles that may be utilized as a porch and vegetable bed.