7 Ultimate Low-Maintenance Roses From Earth-Kind Roses

'Rainbow' Knock Out matures to 3 4 feet tall and broad. It may grow larger in certain areas and situations. In spring or early summer, trim rubbing branches to control its growth.

'Rainbow' Knock Out Rose

If 'Rainbow' doesn't interest you, try the 'Blushing' Knock Out rose. This rose shrub grows to 3 4 feet tall and broad and has fragrant, semi-double pink blooms. Like 'Rainbow', no deadheading is needed.

'Blushing' Knock Out Rose

Salt-tolerant Rosa rugosa is low-maintenance. So salt-tolerant, this rose shrub is called the beach rose. This resilient plant thrives in USDA zones 2-7 despite poor soils, severe winds, and drought

Beach Rose (Rosa rugosa)

These rose bushes3 from At Last provide various benefit trains. Easy-to-grow rosebushes with typical rose aroma. Their double tea-rose blossoms are lovely.

At Last Rose

Candy Oh! rose bushes only need to be pruned to remove dead branches as they mature at 3 to 4 feet tall and broad. Although trimming in late winter or early spring is advised to shape rose bushes

'Candy Oh!' Rose

Similar sizes, disease resistance, and low maintenance characterize both types. Also hardy in USDA zones 5-9. Pink lovers should grow Smoothie. Marketing claims Smoothie has thornless canes, thus its moniker.

'Smoothie' Oso Happy Rose

Because of its minimal upkeep, 'Pink Supreme' makes this list. This cultivar thrives in USDA zones 5-9. Plant many of these easy-to-grow rose bushes on an area you don't stroll yet want summer color.

'Pink Supreme Flower Carpet'