8 Beautiful Formal Hairstyles For Your Next Special Occasion

Messy Low Bun

This low pun is cobbled together in a casual manner so that the hair may easily form its own distinctive shape. On top of that, it is completed with a pearl clip, which provides an additional touch of sophistication.

Messy Low Bun

This elegant take on the ponytail is characterized by the presence of lovely curls. The design is completed off with a piece of hair that is wrapped around the ponytail to give it a more sophisticated appearance.

Sleek and Fluffy Ponytail

As a result of the contrast between the smooth upper and the fluffy bottom of the ponytail, this formal style created by hairdresser Ashley Antoine Beauty is really effective.

Half-Up Twist Knot with Curls

The half-up style that was created by @patricknavarro allows you to show off your gorgeous curls while yet holding your hair back. Both a twist knot and a large number of disheveled curls are included in it.

Pinned To One Side

Use a beautiful pin to draw one side of your curls back while letting the remainder of the curls to fall naturally to the other side. This will help you to create the desired effect.

Braid into Bun

A braid and a bun may be combined into a single appearance with this hairstyle, which is perfect for those who are unable to choose between the two.

Voluminous Curls

In the past few years, big hair has definitely come back in style, and these curls from stylist @kayleymelissa are great for any event. Here are her hairstyle suggestions that will make your hair look fuller.

Elegant Twisted Bun

The hair was braided into a neat bun by the hairdresser Patrick Navarro as part of the process of creating this professional haircut.