8 Best Salon Treatments For Dry Hair

Cysteine Treatment

Cysteine conditions hair by absorbing into the shaft. Reduces frizz and protects hair from drying and damage.

Keratin Treatment

Conditioners, formaldehyde, and keratin the hair protein make up keratin treatment. This treatment is great for curly or frizzy hair.

Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatments give hair instant gloss. They help repair damaged hair and add moisture. Olive or coconut oils are used in this treatment.

Moisture Treatment

Moisture treatment strengthens hair and prevents split ends. It shields hair from heat-styling products.

Detox Treatment

The detox treatment removes product and chemical-induced scalp and hair buildup. It promotes hair growth too.

Hair Spa Treatment

The hair spa treatment uses lotions and creams to nurture and maintain hair. It loosens curls and chemically changes hair texture.

Toning Treatment

People who dye their hair use toning treatments to fix the hue. This treatment preserves hair color.

Hair Glossing Treatment

A hair glossing treatment smooths hair. It boosts hair shine after a color treatment or on virgin hair.