8 Classic Nail Looks That Never Go Out of Style

Creamy French

French nails are a classic and classy choice. Bio Seaweed Gel in Milkshake ($18) and White ($18) were used to make this look.

Sheer Pink

For many times, sheer pink nails are perfect. One of those your-nails-but-better looks. You can never fail.

Chocolate French

Classic French manicures are pink and white, but modern French nail color combinations are unlimited. This outfit has cocoa brown polish.

Bubble Gum Pink

Classic light pinks are ideal. This poppy bubble gum color is arguably the brightest before departing "classic" realm.

Vampy Red

Always wear dark, vampy nails. This deep red wine tone is wonderful for fall and winter but looks great year-round.

Simple Accent

Accent nails are a typical choice for modest nail art. It's a fun approach to spice up an understated appearance

A Little Sparkle

Finely milled glitter is essential for a traditional, sparkling effect. This look is mauvey pink with subtle silver sheen.

Rouge Tips

This look was made by celebrity nail artist using Addiction Tokyo's Guilty Apple ($19) lacquer with Top and Base coats. A twist and color are added to the classic French appearance.