8 High Top Dread Styles You ll Want to Try

Keep your dreads neat and well-maintained, forming them into a high top style. This timeless look is versatile and can be customized to suit your personal style

Classic High Top Dreads

Add a pop of color to your high top dreads by dyeing them with vibrant hues such as blue, red, or purple. Experiment with different color combinations to make a bold statement

Dyed High Top Dreads

Gather your dreads into a high bun at the top of your head for a stylish and practical hairstyle. This look keeps your dreads out of your face while still showcasing their length and texture

High Top Bun with Dreads

Keep the sides of your head shorter while allowing the dreads on top to grow longer. This tapered high top style creates a striking contrast and emphasizes the height of your dreads

Tapered High Top Dreads

Add accessories such as beads, cuffs, or hair jewelry to your high top dreads for an extra touch of flair. Mix and match different accessories to create a unique and personalized look

Accessorized High Top Dreads

Shave the sides of your head to create a bold Mohawk style, leaving the dreads on top to stand tall. This edgy look combines the versatility of dreads with the statement-making power of a Mohawk

Mohawk-Inspired High Top Dreads

Pair your high top dreads with a fade haircut for a modern and stylish look. The fade adds dimension to your hairstyle while keeping the focus on your dreads

High Top Fade with Dreads

Twist your dreads into intricate patterns or shapes to create a unique and eye-catching high top style. Experiment with different twisting techniques to achieve the desired look

Twisted High Top Dreads