8 Kid-friendly Places to Volunteer

High school kids and older can volunteer as virtual tutors via organizations like Learn To Be, which connects children with one-on-one tutoring opportunities.

Virtual Tutoring

An adult must be the main foster and meet all requirements, although youngsters may help feed, wash, exercise, and play with your temporary cats and dogs.

Lend a Paw

Not everyone has enough food, but hopefully your family does. Some are disabled and depend on strangers for nutritional nourishment.

Help Feed the Hungry

Public parks typically get less care than they need. Picking up rubbish and plucking weeds when you visit the park or organizing a community cleaning and rejuvenation initiative are volunteer options.

Beautify the Park

Aquariums and zoos are ideal volunteer locations for kids with a passion for furry or finned friends. Typically, volunteers can expect to assist visitors, help out with kiddie programs

Help at the Aquarium or Zoo

You and your kids may not interact with homeless or women and children's shelter inhabitants, but giving to such a great cause helps. Call a local shelter regarding socks, feminine products

Collect Shelter Supplies

Take your kids along the next time you strap on your sneakers and hit the pavement for a good cause. Find a charity that's close to your family's heart

Fundraising Walks and Runs

Libraries really had to pivot to keep functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, volunteer opportunities at many locations are limited, especially for the kiddos.

Set Up a Library