8 Low-Maintenance, Asymmetrical Bobs That Suit Every Hair Color

Bandana Vibes It's no secret that we've been obsessed with bandana hairstyles lately, but you really can't go wrong with a wavy asymmetrical bob. You can achieve this sandy texture with the use of a sea salt spray.

Straight and Sleek                              Make a statement with something sleek, straight, and asymmetrical (with extra-fancy edges, if you're up for it) if you appreciate ultra-sleek vibes.

Blunt and Textured This wavy asymmetrical bob will undoubtedly earn all the praise and likes on Instagram because to the blunt edges and added texture. Lift fine, limp strands at the roots with a volumizing spray.

Elegant Curls Give your curls space to breathe so they may speak for themselves. You'll be pleasantly pleased by how easy it is to style your hair with short, uneven layers (and how bouncy your curls suddenly are).

Bring the Drama To start with, this shade of pearly blonde is perfection. Furthermore, the asymmetry and striking off-center portion combine to create a really unique and dramatic finished piece.

Lightweight and Tousled Those incredibly short layers that you can flip and tousle are perfect for a fresh, low-maintenance look. (If our hair looked like this, too, we would be caressing and teasing it nonstop.)

Retro Waves Elevate the drama with lengthy pieces up front that you may style as you choose. These vintage side bangs are a great illustration. This is a very adaptable look.