8 May Nail Colors That Are Pitch-Perfect for Right Now

Pastel Pink

A timeless choice that complements the blooming flowers and the soft colors of spring. It's feminine, delicate, and perfect for a fresh May manicure.


This soft purple shade evokes the beauty of spring flowers like lilacs in full bloom. It's a subtle yet sophisticated choice for May nails.

Mint Green

Refreshing and vibrant, mint green captures the essence of spring. It's a versatile color that can add a pop of brightness to your May manicure.


A warm and lively shade that embodies the energy of summer approaching. Coral nails are perfect for adding a touch of vibrancy to your May look.

Sunshine Yellow

Embrace the sunny days of May with a cheerful yellow nail polish. It's a fun and playful color that can brighten up any mood.


Reminiscent of clear skies and sparkling waters, turquoise is a beautiful choice for May nails. It's refreshing and invigorating, perfect for the transition to summer.


Soft and subtle, peach nail polish is a lovely choice for May. It complements a wide range of skin tones and adds a touch of warmth to your manicure.