Messy Top Knot:

Curly hair shines in this effortless style, perfect for keeping locks out of the face during summer. Leave a few tendrils loose for a relaxed vibe.

Space Buns:

Embrace your eccentric side with space buns, an ideal choice for concerts or when you want to stand out. Play around with different placements and sizes for added flair.


Give your curls a cute summer twist by, well, twisting front sections of hair to the sides and securing them with bobby pins. This simple yet stylish look is great for casual outings.

Top Braid:

Level up your braiding skills by sectioning your curly hair in half and braiding the top separately. This versatile style works for both casual and formal occasions.

Low Bun:

Elevate your look with a chic low bun, perfect for weddings or professional events. Create twists with front hair sections and secure them before gathering the rest into a bun.

Twin Pony Peaks:

Add a playful touch to your curly locks with twin ponytails. Simply divide your hair down the middle and secure each section into high ponytails for a fun and youthful look.

Mini Twists with Clips:

Get nostalgic with Y2K-inspired mini twists adorned with cute butterfly or bead clips. This whimsical style adds a touch of charm to any outfit.

Summer Ready Scarf Bun:

Beat the heat in style by incorporating a scarf into your curly hairstyle. Create a 'done-undone' bun and wrap a folded scarf around your head, leaving a few face-framing tendrils free for a carefree summer vibe.