8 Stylish Beard With Fade Haircuts

Low Fade

Where you start your fade is totally up to you. A two-inch-long fade is included around the ear in this low style. 

High Fade 

For the best contrast between your long hair on top and the fading detail on the bottom, a high-fade haircut is perfect. 

Mid-Fade Hair 

There is a lot of flexibility in the length and stylistic details of short haircuts with thick beards. While unique, mid-fade hairstyles are trending.

Black Men s Fade With Chinstrap

A burst fade haircut paired with a chinstrap beard for black men with textured hair looks fantastic. This is a clean-cut, so match the exact trimming of the beard with a flawlessly styled fade.

Skin Fade With Faded Beard

Hairstyles known as "skin fades" include cutting a portion of hair so near to the skin that it is practically bald. 

Bald Fade With Faded Beard

When it fades to zero or 0.5, this bald fade resembles a skin fade but is more extreme. Because the fade tapers into the beard, we particularly appreciate this effect around the ears.

Taper Fade With Stubble

A trendy option that highlights the fade and adds more style to your hair is the stubble appearance.

Zero Fade With Long Stubble

This medium fade hairstyle with angled bangs and a scruff a quarter down the neck looks good. Here, fade details provide a crucial burst of freshness.