8 tips to help ease your back pain

Strengthen your core musclesThe weight of sustaining your entire upper body is on your lower back. To support your spine and ease strain on your lower back, tone the surrounding muscles in your back. 

Every day, stretch. Tight muscles are a common cause of back issues. Tight back muscles increase the strain on your spine's joints and entire structure.

Avoid sitting with poor posture. Your lower back's discs are loaded considerably more when you sit incorrectly than when you stand.

Go for walks. Walking is an excellent and safe form of exercise. You may keep pressure off your back and maintain a healthy weight by taking short, brisk walks outside or at work.

Lift properly. It's incredibly easy to twist the incorrect way when lifting something big. Pain and muscular spasms may result from this.

Lessen the strain on your back during night. Your spine is strained when you sleep flat on your back.

Keep an eye on your weight. Carrying much weight strains your back. To accommodate excess weight, your spine may become unevenly stressed and twisted. 

Give up smoking. Smoking reduces blood supply to your vertebrae's cushioning discs. This may cause disc degeneration to occur more quickly.