9 Best Foam Roller Exercises to Relieve Muscle Pain and Tension

1. Lateral quad massage

On the ground perpendicular to your torso, rest your right thigh on the foam roller. Maintain a straight right leg and a flat left foot. Support and leverage come from your left hand or forearm on the ground.

2. Adductor massage

Lay stomach-down with the foam roller parallel to you. Raise your body with your hands. Keep your right leg straight behind you and bend it 90 degrees. Put your right leg on the foam roller.

3. Hamstring roll out

Place your legs straight in front of you on the floor. Put your foam roller beneath your thighs. Put your hands behind you for support. Left knee bent, left foot flat on floor. Move the foam roller from your butt to just above the knee.

4. Lat smash

Lay on your right side with the foam roller under your armpit and perpendicular to your body. Let the foam roller dig into the muscle by extending your right arm toward your ear. Roll back and forth or place your left foot on the floor.

5. Oblique massage

Keep the foam roller perpendicular to and under your belly while lying on your right side. Your right forearm should be on the floor and your right leg straight with your left heel flat. Massage the obliques by slowly rocking.

6. Tricep smash

Place the foam roller horizontally in front of you while kneeling or lying down. Make the roller dig into your right upper arm muscle by placing the back on top. Stay here and train the triceps by flexing and extending your elbow.

7. Rhomboid massage and chest opener

For maximum support, lay your head, back, and butt on the foam roller upright on the floor. Kneel and plant both feet. Bend your elbows 90 degrees and place your hands by your ears. Get your arms as low as possible.

8. Upper back extension massage

Lay on your back with knees bent and feet flat. Sit up and position your foam roller underneath and parallel to your upper back. Hug and lay back on the foam roller. Rebound. (Don't roll the foam roller!) Repeat until back relaxes.

9. Regular calf roll out

Sit on the ground with your legs straight front. Apply pressure by placing the foam roller under your right calf and crossing your left leg. Put your hands behind you for leverage and move your weight to massage the calf.