9 Cute and Feminine Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

1. Pixie cut for curly hair

A short cut is the best choice if you have thick hair. It looks better on people with pixie faces, which are small and sharp, but it works for people with round faces too.

2. Tight ringlets for curly hair

Ringlets are the most daring and stylish way to style short curly hair. These ringlets will bounce off your face, giving your whole hair structure a healthy bounce and volume. This is especially true if you have short to medium-length curls.

3. Short wavy lob for curly hair

Want your short hair to look new and young? You should wear a short, wavy curl or a long bob. It makes you look clean and messy without making you look old.

4. Shaved side for curly hair

Want to make your short, curly hair look more interesting? Pick this one. This is really cool and stylish to look at because it has a mix of a buzzcut and a trim.

5. Vintage curls for curly hair

Do you want your curls to look a little retro? That's it then. This sets soft curls in a way that makes them look like Marilyn Monroe.

6. Crown braid for curly hair

You might be a little off if you thought crown braids could only be done on long hair. Yes, you can also show it off with short curls. You should only have short to medium-length hair, or just enough to grab.

7. Bob and bangs for curly hair

For those of you who love nothing more than running a brush through your hair and being done, this is a look you should definitely check out.

8. Pixie cut with curly bangs

Have a gorgeous pixie curl cut and want to add a pinch of spunk to it? Add bangs. Yes, you may think that bangs may not be a choice for curly hair, but they are

9. Pinned up curls

It's again the crown that draws attention to this one. Just that you don't have to cut off the side curls like you do with a pixie cut with curly bangs.