9 Wasteful Things We Can Live Without

Neutral color schemes are the simplest to create for a TV center and fireplace. The metal chimney breast and the gray brick at the base match.

Staining farmhouse shiplap a deeper hue to add warmth is a more recent trend.  This is an upscale substitute for an off-the-shelf combo electric fireplace TV stand.

Occasionally, the space just over the fireplace is the only spot to put your TV. Here, it works by blending in with the mantel's charcoal gray background.

Tile from the floor to the ceiling can give a gas or electric fireplace a sleek, modern appearance. Over a slender mantel, the TV is installed.

This formal living room with Asian influences is cohesive thanks to symmetry. This room is a study in using texture to add diversity to a black and brown space.

These days, fireplaces that burn wood, gas, or electricity are available in a variety of configurations. Warmth is provided to the dining area and living room by a double-sided fireplace.

The gray backdrop wall and every item of furniture in the room were specifically picked to complement the hues of the veins in the marble fireplace surround.

Select a wall-mounted TV stand so that it can be pulled out at an angle and rest flat against the wall when it's time to watch a movie.