Best flowering Hedges 8 Plants for Beautiful Boundaries


A full-blooming lavender hedge evokes French lavender fields and English cottage gardens. These delicate blossoms against silver-green foliage line entranceways, outdoor dining spaces


A spirea hedge is stunning with loads of small white or pink blossoms from spring until late summer. These hedges attract bees and other pollinators, making them ideal for wildlife in your yard.


Camellias make wonderful flowering hedges, providing dense evergreen screening year-round and bursts of color at certain windows in the growing season


If you are looking for a tough hedge that s happy growing in most conditions, then forsythia is a winner. Tolerant of full sun and part shade, it will quickly grow into a dense hedge up to 10ft high.


Hydrangeas are popular and readily recognizable for their July mop-headed flowers. They provide color and sculpture to every part of the yard and may be placed as statement borders.


Escallonia are sturdy bushes with red, white, or pink bell-shaped flowers from June to October. Small, glossy deep green leaves display waxy blooms on most evergreen kinds.


Japanese azaleas make great garden hedges if pruned just after blossoming. They will captivate the neighborhood with their mid- to late spring cerise, crimson, or white blossoms.


This shrub, known as imitation orange, is recognized for its sweet, fruity scent and beautiful, white, cup-shaped blooms. It blooms from late spring to early summer