Everything You Need to Know About Layered Haircuts

What are Layers?

Hair with layers simply means sections cut shorter than the overall length. This creates a stacked effect, with shorter strands framing the face and longer pieces in the back.

Layers for Every Hair Type

Fine hair gains volume, thick hair gets weight reduction, curly hair gets bounce, and straight hair gains texture - all thanks to strategic layering.

Volume Boost

For fine or limp hair, layers are a game-changer. By adding dimension and lightness, layers create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

Taming the Mane

Thick hair can be heavy and overwhelming. Layers help to remove bulk and add movement, making your hair feel lighter and easier to manage.

Bouncy Curls

Layers are a perfect partner for curls. They help define curls, eliminate bulk, and add bounce and manageability.

Straight Hair with Style

Straight hair can sometimes look flat. Layers add texture and movement, making your straight locks look more interesting and stylish.

Face-Flattering Layers

The placement of layers can flatter your face shape. Layers around the face can soften a strong jawline, while shorter face-framing layers can balance a long face.