Exciting Black Hair with Highlights Ideas

Exciting Black Hair with Highlights Ideas

Black Hair with Peekaboo Highlights: These lovely subtle accents in the raven-black mane will easily satisfy an edgy girl with a soft side buried deep down.

Brown-Highlighted Black Hair: Subtle highlights merge with your hair color for a more natural look. Their delicateness makes your hair seem if it was sun-kissed.

Black Hair with Barely-There Brown Highlights. Subtle streaks of brown embedded into your black hair can make a huge difference between boring and attractive brunette locks.

Brown Balayage on Black Hair. Brown highlights on black hair illuminate your mane and add depth. Apart from transforming your black hair from basic to fascinating

Bronze Brown Highlights with Black Hair. The soft radiance of brown highlights on black hair would make you wonder what you ve been doing with your black hair all this time.

Black Hair with Brown Highlights. These highlights are excellent if you want eye-catching, dimensional dark hair. The bronze-brown will also help to keep your hair healthy

Auburn Highlights for Black Hair. If you want to maximize warmth in your dark locks and accentuate the layers placed to give structure to your long hair