Fresh Spring Hair Colors For 2024

Chantilly cream is a very pretty light blonde color with bright white undertones. Cunningham thinks it will be very popular among people who want to make their hair look light and bright.

Chantilly Cream

The allure of red hair is why celebrity hair colorist Jacob Schwartz, who works with Margot Robbie, Brie Larson, and Sydney Sweeney, predicts that brilliant red hair will remain trendy in spring 2024.

Red Hot

Zendaya shows how the bronde a blonde-brunette hair hybrid gets warmer this spring. According to Cunningham, more customers want the precise combination of these two tones.

Teddy Bear Bronde

You're in luck if you like gray and your natural hair color. Spring 2024 is ideal for a silver renaissance, thinks Cunningham. Since the epidemic prevented individuals.

Vibrant Silver

Quiet luxury will endure. Schwartz and Perry expect the deep brown hue that ruled last year to return this spring. looking deep and dark with this brown hair color is key.

Expensive Brunette

We can get color references anywhere on the internet. You may instantly show your hairdresser any color instead of scrolling through hair magazines (did you know they had those?).

90s Shades

Think of the colors in your favorite tortoiseshell sunnies," says Lauren Paglionico, a master colorist and the founder of lrn beauty. "It s a combination of dark golden blonde, light golden brown

Tortoiseshell Bronde