Here Are The 9 Best Cardio Exercises for Faster Weight Loss

Incline Treadmill Walk

Start the treadmill at the steepest incline (15 degrees) and set the speed to 2.5 to 3.5 mph for this steady-state exercise. Walking at this speed and slope for 20 minutes will raise your heart rate.

Steady-State Rowing

This aerobic exercise on the rowing machine is great for learning appropriate rowing technique and building aerobic endurance. Row at a rate you can maintain for 10 30 minutes, depending on your schedule.

Steady-State Stair Climber

First-timers should run at a speed they can sustain for 15 20 minutes. Once you acquire endurance (or are intermediate), you may climb for 30 minutes or increase the pace.

Steady-State Swimming

Try swimming for 20 30 minutes. Keep your stroke tempo constant and technique in mind. To keep things fresh and challenging, establish a distance objective as your endurance develops.

Jump Rope

One of the finest aerobic and weight-loss tools is the jump rope. If you're new to jump roping, work on technique and endurance. Start with 30-second to 1-minute sets and gradually increase duration as you become used to it. 

Stair Workout

Start in a high-step location close home. View bleachers, parks, and more, then run several laps. You may pace yourself to accomplish as many as possible or set a lap objective.

Steady-State Bike

Ride an exercise bike at a fairly difficult tempo for 30 minutes. If you don't enjoy exercise bikes, ride outdoors. Find a local route and conquer it! Choose a path with hills and start if you want a challenge.

Exercise Bike Intervals

Take a look at this interval-style workout that you can do on a stationary bike to help you burn calories and reduce your body fat:

Stair Climber Intervals

The first step is to do a simple two-minute warmup, after which you will begin climbing at a rapid speed for thirty seconds, followed by climbing at your normal pace for thirty seconds.