How to Actually Work Out With Your Kids

Bodyweight Squats (with Child)

Coach Matt suggests grabbing your child's legs like a safety squat bar as they come forward. Before doing this, make sure you can squat with same weight!


Similar to bodyweight squats, but lunges: With a child on your shoulders, activating one leg at a time is difficult.

Touch the Sky

Kids adore jumping For Touch the Sky, squat or frog. Stand tall with sky-reaching arms. Bonus points for jumping! This works many of the same muscles as squats.


Try this on a soft surface like Coach Matt's tumbling mat or in your backyard. Jumping with kids is enjoyable if safe. Create a game by pointing to a line (or marking it with a soft item) and seeing who can leap over it. Jumping trains your lower body and builds explosive strength.


First, have your child crawl on your back as a weight: If it's too hard, perform knee push-ups. High-five your youngster between repetitions to include them in the exercise.

Bear Crawl

Fun workout with kids is crawling like a bear with them fastened on! Functional fitness exercises like crawling help you keep mobility on the floor. A youngster on your back intensifies the exercise.


One-legged balancing are harder when your child pushes you over: Another option is to stand on one leg, have your child push you, then hop onto your other leg.