The 8 Most Dangerous Things for Dogs to Eat

When the refrigerator ice machine starts, numerous dogs hurry to get a fallen treat. Ice chewing weakens tooth enamel. 


One of the most popular outdoor dog activities is fetch. Dog owners often throw sticks for their dogs to fetch at the park or on walks. 

Sticks and Wood

When bored, dogs play with rocks. Dogs may try to eat rocks with food particles, such as those near your grill. 


Due to their wolfish ancestry, owners offer dogs bones, hooves, and antlers to chew on. Domestic dogs can mistakenly ingest tiny bones when chewing. 

Bones, Hooves, and Antlers

Some dogs love chewing water bottles, but they're dangerous. The dog can swallow the water bottle cap. 

Water Bottles

She warns that swallowing rawhides or eating them quickly can cause broken teeth, vomiting, and stomach and GI issues in dogs. Choking can also occur.

Rawhide or Beefhide

Though bright, furry, and innocuous, tennis balls offer safety dangers for your dog.

Tennis Balls

From black walnut shells to crushed plastic to golf balls, your dog may chew many hard materials. Too-hard chewing can cause damaged teeth, bleeding gums, and fractures. 

Hard objects