The 9 Animals Banned as Pets in America


It may surprise you to learn that 26 states have laws against squirrel ownership, and even if you do have one, you frequently need permission to release it back into the wild. 


Since pure wolves can never be fully domesticated, it is unlawful to own them in the United States. They are not in any way tamed, even if they are raised from the time they are puppies. 


Lions are naturally dangerous pets due to their size, strength, and disposition. With its amazing strength and speed, even the most gentle animal has the ability to quickly turn on you and overwhelm you. 


State-by-state laws govern who is allowed to own these reptiles, and Florida is one of those states where licenses are required. In twelve states, obtaining a permit is mandatory; in the remaining eleven, it is not permitted. 

Asian Arowana

The Asian Arowana fish is a costly and unique species. Being a very rare species, they fetch exorbitant rates for their goods. They are deeply symbolic of luck and prosperity in Asian culture. 


In much of the United States, it is unlawful to own deer, regardless of species. Ownership is governed by licenses and permissions, even in areas like Colorado and New Hampshire where they are legal. 


Recall "Tiger King"? Tigers require about fifteen pounds of meat each day and seven square miles of area to go around in, as demonstrated by the popular show that aired during the early stages of COVID-19. ously mentioned.

Venomous Snakes

Owning venomous snake species is prohibited in 19 states, even if you defang them. Anti-venom is not easily accessible in the event that an owner is bitten by a cobra or viper whose poison has not been removed. 


Owning "Mini," "Teacup," or "Micro" pigs may be fashionable at the moment, but in reality, these animals are simply malnourished piglets who will grow to weigh at least 100 pounds.