The Best adventure vacations in the USA for sights and thrills

Fly an Aerobatic Plane | Las Vegas

Experience the thrill of flying an aerobatic plane over Vegas with Sky Combat Ace, where you can take control and perform exhilarating maneuvers like barrel rolls and loops.

Ziplining | Catskills, New York

Soar above the scenic Catskills valley at highway speeds along a 3,200-foot cable with Hunter Mountain s Zipline Adventure Tours, offering daring rides like the Skyrider tour and tamer options for beginners.

Heli-skiing | Anchorage, AK

Explore untouched slopes accessible only by helicopter in the Chugach Mountains near Anchorage, Alaska, with Chugach Powder Guides, offering thousands of miles of terrain for experienced skiers.

BASE jumping | Twin Falls, ID

Experience the adrenaline rush of BASE jumping from Perrine Bridge, nearly 500 feet above the Snake River, with TandemBASE providing guidance for newcomers to this extreme sport.

Canyoneering | Moab, UT

Explore carved sandstone slot canyons and ancient ruins in Moab, Utah, with guided routes from Red River Adventures, offering hiking, scrambling, and rappelling adventures for all skill levels.

Waterfall rappelling | White Mountains, NH

Descend down rock faces amid foamy spray in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with Northeast Mountaineering, offering thrilling waterfall rappelling experiences for adventurers.

Mr. Toad s Wild Ride | Lake Tahoe, CA

Embark on the single-track mountain bike route known as Mr. Toad s Wild Ride in Lake Tahoe, California, with epic descents, rocky sections, and stunning lake views for mountain biking enthusiasts.