The Best Undercut Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair

The most popular longer hair undercut is edgy and classy. The top remains long, but the sides and back are uniformly chopped. The top length is up to you, but for more contrast, you'll want the sides to be as short as possible, Gillen says.

Classic Undercut

Gillen says this look demands layers on top and lengthy hair. He advises telling your barber to give you movement on top and a fade or tapered fade on the sides. 

Tousled Undercut

Gillen says the military undercut, in which the sides and top are fully detached, is one of the edgiest trends now. Keep the sides tight and really short, while the top can be any length, giving off a very modern look, he explains.

Military Undercut

Gillen says the sides are shortened, but the top and rear are long. He recommends fading the back short at the bottom to match the top for thick, puffy hair to keep this trend current and trendy. 


For those with front-falling hair, Gillen recommends this trend. Tight sides with a modest fade lead to a top cut consistently long from back to front. 

Textured and Combed Forward

Known as the Louis XV mistress hairstyle, the top of the hair is done at least two inches above the forehead, blow-dried in a rounded curve back with product for volume and hold, and the sides are cut very thin. 


Gillen confirms that beards are masculine and timeless. He continues, Many professional guys feel that wearing a beard looks too unkempt to pull off at work.

Undercut with Beard