What exercises burn the most calories?

On a time crunch

Without much time, you can practice calorie-burning exercises. High-intensity workouts that raise your heart rate are crucial.

High-knee running

High-knee running is cardio-intensive. It gets your heart rate up and strengthens your legs. High-knee running burns calories quickly as a high-intensity activity.

Butt kicks

Like high-knee jogging, butt kicks are cardio. High-intensity butt kicks burn calories in 30 minutes.

Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers are aerobic, full-body workouts. Since you use your whole body, you'll burn many calories quickly.


Low-impact swimming builds muscle, blood flow, lung, and heart capacity. 30 minutes of leisurely swimming burns as many calories as 30 minutes of jogging.


Running is better for calorie burning. You can conduct high-intensity sprints instead of running if you don't have time. For exercise, your body will burn calories quickly.


Walking is the easiest home workout. It's good for injury recovery. It's convenient because you can do it in your backyard or home.


Running burns the most calories, improves flexibility, and builds endurance. Running is convenient anywhere because it requires no equipment.